About company

Raeika Rah Gostar company is active about producing and supplying all kind of bitumen emulsion since 1389 and have succeed to export variety of emulsion to Iraq, Tanzania, Armenia and Torkmenistan.

Also, Raeika Rah Gostar company as an exclusive representative of local emulsifiers and antistripping additive produced by elites of Pars Bonyan Novin Shimi company honors to serving Iranian road and construction community. During the passed 9 years over 700 tons of mentioned products exported to other countries such as Armenia, Russia and Iraq.

In order to provide better and wider service to our esteemed customers, the company added to its activities in 1398, a new production unit by modern machinery and the experienced and expert staff in order to produce cutback (MC) and emulsion bitumens.

Also, Quality and Control Laboratory of Raeika Rah Gostar company has been established to study the quality of the products and to perform all the tests for cutback bitumen and bitumen emulsion according to the existing standards.


Full description of production unit of emulsion and cutback bitumen of Raeika Rah Gostar company:

The production unit of emulsion and cutback bitumen of Raeika Rah Gostar company with the capacity of 15 and 10 tons per hour, respectively, has the ability to produce different grades of emulsion and cutback bitumen. This unit includes:

a: Two 50-ton bitumen storage tanks

b: Two 30-ton water storage tanks

c: A 30-ton oil (solvent) storage tank

d: Two 30- and 50-ton emulsion bitumen storage tanks

e: Two 30- and 50-ton cutback bitumen storage tanks

f: Oil heating system to keep warm bitumen, bitumen, emulsion and cutback bitumen

g: Water-softener system with discharge of 8 m3/h

h: Emulsion bitumen production machine containing Supraton mill at 5000 rpm