Asphalt and Bitumen Additives

Asphalt and Bitumen Additives

Additives are substances that can be added to the bitumen binder to alter characteristics of final mixture. For the purpose of improving the qualitative properties of bitumen and asphalts the modifiers and additives are applied e.g. increasing elasticity, improving the heat stability, improving adhesion to aggregate, adjusting viscosity, increasing the resistance to aging, improving mechanical performance, increasing the deformation resistance of asphalt mixtures and etc. The additives can be categorizing by types as:

– emulsifiers

– anti-strip agents

– adhesion promoters

– modifiers (polymeric)

– Other additives (rejuvenators, warm mix additives, fibers, organic materials, and rubber modifiers).

Different technologies used for mixing asphalt additives with asphalt include hot mix, cold mix, and warm mix.